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Improve Your Guitar Tone

Here are three quick, easy, nearly free things you can do to instantly improve your guitar tone:

1. Get it in tune — and not just tuned up, but accurately intonated. Playing in tune is the cornerstone of great sound for any instrument. If you don’t know how to intonate your guitar, take the time to learn. It’s not difficult and it’s a skill that you will use for the rest of your life.
2. Make sure the guitar is set up and adjusted properly. Pickups at the correct height? How’s the action? Is anything buzzing? As with setting intonation, learning how to do a good set up is not difficult, but it pays back big time!
3. Fresh strings! Some players love the sound of old, worn-in strings, but for most of us fresh strings sound better; they’re bright and lively, and they intonate far better than older strings.

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