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Importing Vision DSP MIDI Files Into ProTools LE

Q: I’m running ProTools LE 7.1.1 on Mac OS X 10.4.9. Is there an inexpensive way to import my old MIDI files from Vision DSP?

A: If the songs were saved as Standard MIDI Files in Vision, there should be no problem importing them into Pro Tools LE. Just create a new Session, then go File > Import > MIDI to choose the MIDI File you want to import. Once you select the file, you’ll be given the option of importing the MIDI information to new tracks or to the Pro Tools Region List, as well as several other options. Click “Okay” and the file will be imported into your Pro Tools section as either new MIDI tracks or as regions in the Edit Window’s Region List (depending on what you selected in the previous step).

If the songs were saved as proprietary Vision files, then you won’t be able to directly import them into Pro Tools. You’ll need to load them back into Vision, and re-save them as Standard MIDI Files.

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