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Using the HDR Pro to transfer audio into Pro Tools.

Q: “I’ve already been transferring my audio files back and forth between Mackie’s HDR and Pro Tools. What added features would Mackie’s HDR Pro give me?”

A: Even though the HDR24/96 has always been able to transfer audio files back and forth via FTP with any computer (see previous TTOTD), HDR Pro actually creates a basic Pro Tools EDL (Edit Decision List) that maintains all the edits of your audio files exactly the way they appear in the HDR24/96. The benefit is a major convenience in that you don’t need to “spot” each file to a specific point in time, and all your edits done in the HDR24/96 will be reflected in the newly created Pro Tools session. HDR Pro also exports all original time stamping and places all virtual takes into the PT region bin.

The HDR Pro hardware is a small FireWire drive bay that has been fitted for a Mackie Media M90 backup drive. This acts as an”M90 Garage” for your computer.

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