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NAMM Show Report

Godin Multiac and Roland GR-55


We’ve heard a few rumors that Godin Multiac guitars aren’t compatible with the Roland GR-55. There is no truth to these rumors – the Multiac works fine with the GR-55.

Setting the sensitivity and velocity properly is critical to getting optimum performance from a Multiac with the GR-55:

1. From the Play screen, press EDIT.
2. Press the PAGE L/R buttons to select the SYSTEM page.
3. Press the CURSOR L/R buttons to select GK SETTING.
4. Press ENTER.
5. Press CURSOR DOWN to select PU TYPE.
6. Turn the DIAL to select PIEZO R (very important!)
7. CURSOR DOWN to select SCALE.
8. Turn the DIAL to select 648mm.
9. Press PAGE R to select SENS.
10. Use the CURSOR UP/DOWN buttons to select each string.
11. Play each open string as hard as it is likely to be played. Use the DIAL to raise or lower sensitivity. Set it to be as high as possible without reaching the full-scale position. (A large square at the end of the scale appears if the sensitivity is too high.)
12. Press PAGE R to select VEL.
13. Press ENTER.

NOTE: VELOCITY is a new set of parameters that no other GR product has had. It is very useful for reducing false triggers and odd notes, especially with a piezo-equipped guitar.

14. Use CURSOR DOWN to select PLAY FEEL.
15. Turn the DIAL to set this to 4 or 5.
17. Set this to 8 or 9.
18. Press EXIT to return to the Play screen.

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