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Gibson Melody Maker Series

Gibson has released an expanded line of limited-edition Melody Maker guitars. Originally introduced as a student model, just as the Les Paul Junior was, the Melody Maker became a player’s favorite for its light weight, comfortable neck, and great tone. In fact, it was Gibson’s best-selling guitar in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Unlike the single-coil Melody Makers of the past, this new line of Melody Makers features a ceramic-magnet humbucker controlled by just a simple volume knob. The 2011 Melody Maker series features four models: a Les Paul, an SG, a Flying V, and an Explorer.

Melody Maker guitars feature mahogany bodies and glued-in mahogany necks. One distinguishing feature from the typical Gibson design is that these guitars feature torrified maple fretboards. Torrified wood has been heat treated or roasted until it has nearly 0% internal moisture. As a result, these fretboards will not reabsorb moisture. Each model features a 12″ fretboard radius and 22 frets. Melody Makers are available in three colors: Satin White, Satin Black, and Satin Blue.

The electronics setup in the Melody Makers is plain and simple: one volume knob and one pickup. Unlike the original Melody Makers, which were outfitted with single-coil pickups, this series features ceramic-magnet humbuckers. The wraparound tailpiece and set neck give these guitars great sustain. Vintage Kluson-style tuners with white buttons ensure solid tuning. Each guitar comes with a gig bag to protect it between gigs. These Melody Maker guitars show Gibson’s continued dedication to producing affordable American-made guitars that any musician can own.

To learn more about the Gibson Melody Makers, visit Sweetwater.com or call your Sales Engineer.

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