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Fun with SONAR Mutes, Part Two

Previously we discussed track mutes and archiving in SONAR 4. This version of SONAR also includes a feature that allows you to mute (or solo) individual clips, or even portions of a clip.

With the Track view open, notice the new Mute tool in the track toolbar. Using this tool you can simply click and drag to select a Mute region. Again, this works with audio or MIDI tracks.

You can also choose to have the mute tool mute entire clips by clicking on them. Set up your preference in the Mute tool’s dropdown menu. Under the “Click & Drag Behavior” heading, choose “Mute Time Ranges” for click-and-drag, or “Mute Entire Clips” for one-click muting. When you mute an entire clip, it will display an icon in its upper left corner.

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