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Foot Problems

Q: I want to mount my guitar pedals to a pedalboard, but what do I do about the feet on some of the pedals? Can I run the Velco(tm) over them?

A: Probably not. The hook-and-loop material needs a flat surface that it can stick to. Most players remove the feet from the back of their pedals. A few points:

  • In some cases, the feet are glued on, and will simply peel off.
  • Sometimes, the feet are held on by screws. Usually, the feet can simply be unscrewed; the remaining holes will be covered by Velcro(tm) later.
  • Occasionally, the screws holding the feet on also hold the back of the pedal on (many wahs, for example, are configured like this. In that case, you may need to pull the screws out of the feet and put them back in the pedal. If the foot-screws are too long without the feet, you may need to get shorter screws from a hardware store.

In all cases, save the feet in case you want to sell the pedal some day, or want to return the pedal to its original glory.

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