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Fender “Woodies”

In 1946, years before he released his first electric guitar, Leo Fender built a line of amplifiers, all of which had premium hardwood cabinets. “Gleaming blonde maple, black walnut, and dark mahogany” were the official choices, though a few examples have been seen with oak cabinets. A matching wooden handle was attached to the top of each. There were three sizes: The 1×8 Princeton, the 1×10 Deluxe, and the 1×15 Professional. The color of the grille cloth varied and three metal protective strips were mounted over the speaker opening. “Woodies,” as they are known by collectors, were only built for about one year, making working examples both rare and astronomically expensive. In 1947, Fender issued the first in a long line of tweed-covered amps.

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