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Fender VG Stratocaster Review

What amazes me is the versatility, playability and downright honesty of this instrument.

I’m a keyboard player. So, not really being a guitar player myself, I still do have a great appreciation for a great guitar. My roommate in college had a pre-CBS Fender Strat and a Gibson Dove, and I fell in love with guitar then and there, and taught myself how to play, so I am no stranger to what a genuine Strat is supposed to look, feel, and perhaps most importantly, sound like. The Fender VG Stratocaster Modeling Guitar is a natural Strat… and with a whole lot of pleasant surprises!

Any guitar player, old or young, pro or amateur, and who plays any musical style and wants that Strat sound, look, and feel…and the ability to quickly convert to other popular guitar sounds and alternate tunings, WILL fall in love with this guitar as well.

First, and perhaps foremost…what it is NOT: a guitar synth…and, what’s this?! A Strat with a User’s Manual? Well, it does help you navigate through the 37 different guitar sounds, including acoustic and even 12-string, and the 5 alternate tunings for each model. Oh, and there’s that blue LED on the pickguard just to let you know your batteries that power the combination Roland VG/Fender circuitry are still alive and well.

What it is? The genuine article. The 5-way switch gives you multiple pickup combinations for any of the guitar models. And, all the time you have tone and volume control by the two other conventional Strat knobs. Yes, it still has the whammy bar, and comes complete with a case, strap and even a cord…ready to go out of the box.

Right in the same physical guitar lives other guitars, just waiting to be evoked by you: a modeled Strat with alternate tuning options; the tried-and-true snap of the Telecaster; the warmth and depth of a convincing “Les Paul-like” humbucking model, and, through the Roland bridge pickup, an acoustic 6-string, and even a 12-string acoustic OR electric!

And, at any time, you have at your fingertips 5 alternate tunings available for each guitar model such as D Drop, and Open G…and all this INSTANTLY at the twist of a knob.

The VG Stratocaster is every bit a Strat first: a genuine Fender Stratocaster, with the sound, look and feel of the legend that it is. What amazes me is the versatility, playability and downright honesty of this instrument.

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