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Fender ’68 Custom Amplifiers: A Hot-rodded Tribute

Always pushing the tonal envelope, Fender introduces a trio of ’68 Custom amplifiers. Created as a tribute to the late-’60s Silverface amps, these amps are dressed up with the same style of faceplate and silver-turquoise grille cloth with aluminum trim. From the handwired tube sockets to the vintage-spec Schumacher transformers, these ’68 Custom amps deliver the vintage-vibed tone and feel you would expect. But Fender went above and beyond, reducing the negative feedback, which gives you exceptional touch sensitivity. The 2 x 12″ ‘68 Custom Twin Reverb and 1 x 12″ ‘68 Custom Deluxe Reverb house two very different voices. The Vintage channel delivers the classic Fender goodness you know and love. The new Custom channel is based on a modified Bassman tone stack for big, fat tones. You can also use the all-tube spring reverb and tremolo circuit on both channels.

The 1 x 10″ ’68 Custom Princeton Reverb sports a modified tone circuit that delivers greater tonal flexibility when used with your favorite effects pedals and reduces negative feedback for increased touch sensitivity. Fender also armed each amp with Celestion speakers for a rock ‘n’ roll flare. If you’re looking for a hot-rodded Fender, then you definitely need to check out the ’68 Custom amps!

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