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Microphone Month 4

Even More More Messe

Continuing our coverage of new items at the 2010 Frankfurt Musikmesse tradeshow:

QSC has followed their popular K Series active loudspeakers with the second-generation KW Series, which has been redesigned to produce the same amazing performance in an even more compact and lightweight enclosure. The new models use the same 1,000-watt power engine, 1.75″ high-output high-frequency drivers, and extensive DSP as the K Series. There are four models in the new series, including a 12″ 2-way, 15″ 2-way, 15″ 3-way, and 18″ subwoofer.

Vox and Joe Satriani have teamed for a fourth guitar effects pedal, the Ice 9 overdrive. The Ice 9 was designed to provide versatile tone-shaping, and includes the popular “More” switch from the Saturator. The Vintage/Modern switch provides two difference voicing, ranging from sweet and warm to aggressive and cutting. The Bass control is positioned pre-distortion, while the Tone control is post-distortion, for maximum voice-shaping power. (By the way, don’t miss Mitch Gallagher’s 2-part video interview with Joe Satriani, currently posted to our Facebook page and coming later this week to YouTube!)

Vox also unveiled the new AC4TVmini, a super-compact, retro tube amplifier. Based on the popular AC4 amp from the 1960s (updated as the AC4TV in the current Vox lineup), the new amp features a Vox-design 6.5″ speaker. An attenuator switch drops the power from 4 four watts to one watt, and all the way down to 1/10 watt. A speaker jack is provided for driving an external cabinet.

Steinberg‘s HALion Sonic is a new 12GB sample library/instrument with full synthesis capability. It is intended as a composition and production instrument for any VST environment on Mac on Windows. More than 1,000 instruments are provided, developed in cooperation with the Yamaha sound design team behind the MOTIF series.

TC Electronic has expanded its range of bass amplifiers with two new combos, the BG500 115 (15″ woofer, 1″ tweeter) and BG500 210 (two 10″ woofers, 1″ driver). The new amps share many of the features of the popular RH450 head, such as the SpectraComp compressor, the TubeTone effect, user presets, an integrated tuner, and more.

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