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Egnater Attacks!

If you’re a hard rocker or a metal maniac looking to end the world with your tone, then you must check out the brand-new Armageddon and Vengeance high-gain amps from Egnater!

The Vengeance head offers 120 watts (switchable to 60 watts) of all tube power. There are two channels, the first with smooth clean tones and bluesy breakup and the other with plenty of gain for modern rock styles. But despite the screaming gain, the second (overdrive) channel retains amazing clarity and definition, no matter what volume level you require. Other features include separate reverb for each channel (with “spillover” when switching channels for natural response), an assignable effects loop, a second switchable master volume control for solo boost, an XLR speaker-emulated recording output, an included six-button footswitch, and much more! For maximum impact, pair the Vengeance with its matching VN412A slant 4×12 cabinet or VN412B straight 4×12 cabinet. Both cabs feature custom-voiced Egnater Elite-75 speakers (made by Celestion) for tight, thumping bottom end.

The Armageddon head adds a third channel, giving you three instant options: sparkling cleans, crunchy overdrive, and over-the-top mayhem! A switchable ISP Decimator noise reduction system is built in to keep things quite even when the gain is cranked to epic levels. The Armageddon head also features MIDI control and includes a seven-button footswitch.

Pair this amazingly versatile amp with matching AR-412B straight and AR-412A slant 4×12 cabinets, loaded with two Celestion-made, custom-voiced Egnater Elite-100 speakers and two Celestion C12T75 speakers for incredible tonal range and punch. Want simplicity? These cabs automatically sense and match the correct impedance no matter what amp you use. Plus, the Armageddon cabs feature built-in mic eliminators, so you can connect them right into your PA or recording rig without need for a microphone!

Don’t miss the video demos of each amp on the respective product pages — Bruce Egnater himself gives you the tour, featuring brutal playing from Egnater Sales Manager Gustavo Afont.

And, through May 31, 2012, you can get 18-months-same-as-cash financing on Egnater amps purchased using your Sweetwater Musicians All Access Platinum Card!

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