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DigiTech JamMan Looper Review

The JamMan surpasses any expectations you could have of a looper.

Since I had never used a looper/phrase sampler of any type, I didn’t know what I was in for when I first hooked the JamMan up. However, I found that I could read the quick start guide and know just about everything I needed to know to get started. When I first opened the owner’s manual, I saw that it was very well laid-out and easy to read.

The sound of the Jam Man is exactly what you would expect from DigiTech, exactly what you record is exactly what is reproduced, with perfect sound quality!

This unit uses a removable CompactFlash card for all onboard memory, which gives you unlimited recording time! With the USB connection, you can download your samples/loops onto your computer so you never lose them. The JamMan records up to 99 loops, which enables you to build songs by verse, chorus, and bridge and play them back, which is great for the one-man band or songwriter. With the optional footswitch, you are able to scroll through the loops and access them through the footswitch on the fly.

All in all, the JamMan surpasses any expectations you could have of a looper. It is very ruggedly built, and with the 6.5 hours of available recording time, you’ll be able to record anything you need into this, and have room left over. And if you need more room, just pop in another CompactFlash card! What else could you need?

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