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Defragmenting Tips

Keeping your hard drives healthy is a priority for ensuring a happy studio! Here are some tips on defragmenting your drives, courtesy of the Sweetwater Service Department.

  • Windows’ disk maintenance services are typically adequate for checking disk health and defragmenting. Right-click the drive you’d like to check, choose Properties, and click the Tools tab. There you can check for errors as well as defragment.
  • Mac OS X maintains the boot drive pretty well, so defragmenting is rarely necessary. However, audio drives may require periodic maintenance. The easy way to defragment a drive under Mac OS X is to simply copy all the data to another drive. Mac OS X will place the data onto the destination drive in contiguous locations (unfragmented). Then you can use the new drive or erase/format your original drive and copy the data back.
  • There are, of course, third-party disk defragmenting utilities available for Mac. These work fine, by we don’t recommend one over the other since the method above doesn’t take any longer.

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