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Defragmenting Kurzweil Formatted Media

This one comes to us from Daniel Fisher, Sweetwater’s Chief Soundware Engineer, and all-around Kurzweil maven: After you’ve done a lot of saving and deleting of files on your Kurzweil-formatted hard drives and removable media, it’s a good idea to defragment them.

The safest way to defragment Kurzweil-formatted media is to do a backup from one drive to another, re-format the original drive, and then backup the data back to it. It is best to do this while you have the "Verify" feature on in the Disk Mode. (Verify is available in K2500’s with Operating System v2.31 or higher. K2000/K2vx owners will need the upcoming version 3.5 release or higher.)

A full backup with "Verify: On" may take several hours, so you might want to do it overnight. Make sure there are no thunderstorms lurking and/or get a good uninterruptable power supply!

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