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Customizing Guitar Effects on the BR-1600CD

One of the advantages of owning a Boss BR-1600CD, particularly if you’re a guitar player, is the ability to create unique guitar effects for your songs without having to go outside the box. It’s easy to start with one of the COSM Guitar effect presets then tweak it to make it your own unique sound. Here’s how to customize any of the guitar effect presets found in the BR-1600CD.

  1. Press Guitar input button.
  2. Press the COSM Effects button.
  3. Turn the Time/Value dial to select P-006, R-FIER METAL.
  4. Turn the Value 1/Pan dial to scroll through the available Amp models. Play while doing this to find an Amp you like.
  5. Press F2 EDIT to modify the parameters of the Amp. Move the cursor to the blocks that are dimmed out and turn these on by turning the Time/Value wheel to the right. You may also disable the blocks that are turned on the same way. Once a block is enabled, you may cursor to the right to modify the settings for that block. Experiment.
  6. Save your changes by pressing F4 Write/Copy. Then press F4 GO to actually store your new modified Preset.

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