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Abbreviation for Composite Object Sound Modeling. COSM is a powerful modeling technology that Roland premiered in 1995 with the VG-8 V Guitar System, and continues in the newer VG-88 system. It enables guitarists to emulate a range of classic and modern guitars, amps, cabinets, and microphones, plus it can produce “futuristic” synth-like tones. Today COSM can be found in keyboards, digital recorders, mixers, etc. It can model rotary effects, different speaker colorations, and can even approximate expensive microphones using just an ordinary dynamic mic. Its name comes from “composite object” because its core function revolves around breaking audio producing or reproducing devices down to their component parts and creating a set of instructions to emulate how these various parts interact with each other to produce a new composite that can be dynamically controlled. Of course, that’s what all modeling is, but Roland coined this name to call attention to it.

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