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Cool Tool: Wall Bumper

Hanging your guitars or basses on your studio or practice space walls is both practical and aesthetically very cool — what could be more striking than an awesome axe presented as a piece of art, plus the instrument is up off the floor, safe and sound.

But, most neck hangers don’t stop the guitar from swinging into and away from the wall, which means the guitar body can bump into the wall, potentially damaging one or the other.

The solution? the Wall Bumper from the kings of guitar hangers, String Swing! The Wall Bumper provides protection for both your guitar and your wall, and it’s inconspicuous, so you’ll never even know it’s there! At just a couple of bucks in price, it’s a no-brainer!

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    String Swing Protective Wall Bumper Wall Bumper to Protect Guitars from Hitting the Wall So, you have your cool guitar wall holder, now what? Get the String Swing Protective Wall Bumper, you'll thanks us later. At...
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