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Cool Tool: Radial Gold Digger


It happens almost every time you do a tracking or overdub session in the studio: you have to compare microphones to choose the best one for the particular sources you are recording. It can be a pain switching cables and re-patching, and the time it takes can really kill the flow.

Now, with the Radial Gold Digger, all of that hassle is history! The Gold Digger is a 4-input/1-output switching box. Connect four microphones to the inputs and hook the output up to your preamp. Now you can instantly switch among the microphones to find the best mic for your application! The Gold Digger supplies each input with phantom power and each input also has its own trim control for balancing levels.

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  • Radial Gold Digger 4-channel Mic Selector
    Radial Gold Digger 4-channel Mic Selector 4-channel Mic Selector Featuring Four Selectable Inputs with Trim Adjusts and Straight-wire Signal Path The Radial Gold Digger is a 4-channel mic selector that lets you quickly audition four different mics - all sharing the same...
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