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COOL TOOL: Overtone Labs Tune-Bot


Get your drums in tune the easy way! The Overtone Labs Tune-Bot clips onto your drum’s rim and intelligently measures the pitch at each lug as well as the overall tuning. This makes it easy to tune your drums correctly and consistently. You can even save up to 80 presets with your preferred tunings for every drum in your kit.

If you’re a drummer, this is a must have. But it’s also an essential tool for recording and live sound engineers — in-tune drums are so much easier to mic up for great sound!

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  • Overtone Labs Tune-Bot Digital Drum Tuner
    Overtone Labs Tune-Bot Digital Drum Tuner Digital Drum Tuner for Acoustic Drums, with Pitch Measurement per Lug, Overall Pitch Measurement, Overtone Filters, and 80+ Save Slots Your drums will sound awesome if you use the Overtone Labs Tune-Bot digital drum tuner. Just clip the Tune-Bot onto your drum's rim like a clip-on...
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