Overtone Labs Tune-Bot Digital Drum Tuner

Digital Drum Tuner for Acoustic Drums, with Pitch Measurement per Lug, Overall Pitch Measurement, Overtone Filters, and 80+ Save Slots
Overtone Labs Tune-Bot Digital Drum Tuner image 1
Overtone Labs Tune-Bot Digital Drum Tuner image 1
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Overtone Labs Tune-Bot Digital Drum Tuner
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Now There's No Excuse for Out-of-tune Drums

Your drums will sound awesome if you use the Overtone Labs Tune-Bot digital drum tuner. Just clip the Tune-Bot onto your drum's rim like a clip-on instrument tuner, and you're ready to tune. The Tune-Bot intelligently measures pitch at each lug position, as well as the overall tuning, to help you zero-in on the perfect drum sound. Overtones are filtered out so they don't interfere with your tuning, and you can even save your preferred tunings to over 80 preset locations. So make your drums sound better today, with the Overtone Labs Tune-Bot digital drum tuner!

Overtone Labs Tune-Bot Digital Drum Tuner Features:
  • Digital clip-on tuner for acoustic drums
  • Clips onto any standard drum rim, any size/type drum
  • Measures pitch as each lug, as well as overall pitch
  • Makes it easy to tune drums to specific intervals
  • Over 80 save locations to store your preferred tunings
  • Drum tuning charts and pitch recommendations included
Tune Your Drums Faster and Easier Than Ever with Overtone Labs' Tune-Bot!

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Customer Reviews

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I had been tuning my drums by ear and was frustrated by the sound. Then I realized that, as a long-time guitarist, I am perfectly capable of tuning my guitar by ear, but having a tuner makes things WAY easier and quicker. Good guitar tuners cost in this vicinity--the price is fair for a drum tuner. It is quite easy to use. Don't be dissuaded by comments by others that say it's hard to use--I suspect they don't have much experience with electronic tuners in general. You can use this tuner simply by turning it on and hitting your drum around the lugs. If you want to get more in depth, you can read the manual and learn more of the functions. I found the filter function particularly useful, as well as the chart (available on their website) of recommended lug frequencies for tuning your drums to different notes. I was pretty close by ear on the batter sides, but this helped me make sure the lugs were the same tensions, and it helped me a lot with the resonant heads.
Music background: Gigging musician

Best of both worlds

I've read reviews of Tune-Bot vs Drum Dial, etc., but why limit yourself to one device. I just re-headed my kit using a Neary Drum Torque to get the heads close to even, then fine tuned them with the Tune-Bot. It was the fastest tuning I've ever done and the kit sounds fantastic. Once you know your torque numbers a torque wrench gets you close very fast, but it's not precise. The Tune-Bot is very precise but it's not fast if you're starting with new heads. But, the two together are the perfect combination for very fast, repeatable tuning. I'm loving' this thing. If you already own a torque wrench or Drum Dial, get one of these. You won't regret it.
Music background: Recording Engineer/Musician

I dig it!

I'm so glad I found the Tune-Bot. I'm currently tuning my new DW Collectors kit using Dennis Chamber' tunings from their website. This entire kit just sings now! Incredible sound! Saaaaawwwweeeeeeetttttt!!
Music background: Rock, Jazz, Latin and Funk. Enough said.

The Best Drum Tuning Device to Date

I have a kit in my home studio, a Yamahas Stage Custom, stripped down to four pieces. I typically record Blues and Jazz tunes. I have had some very good drummers come over to play on a session and I have watched diligently as they went through the process of tuning the drums. Man, I was never really blown away by the drum kit or my two snares. They sounded 'OK', there's no other adjective to use.When I watched a YouTube video of someone using this Tune Bot I thought I should give it a try. It is a tool that needs to be understood and sometimes encouraged along the way as it does it's job, but once you get a handle on it, there is truly nothing out there that is better. The key is to visit the Tune Bot site and get some tuning parameters from the various artists that sign in there. One artist for example, suggested 278Hz for the beater (top) of and 14" snare, and 368Hz for the snare (bottom) side. The first time you attempt this it seems impossible, particularly the snare side, but as you finally hit that pitch (368Hz) on one lug and lock it into the tuner, the process becomes amazingly simple. BTW, I totally understand why some ppl dis the Tune Bot, I do. But it is not going to automatically tune the drums for you. However, if you watch a YouTube video or two, the operation of the tool should become clear. And I am here to tell you, once you tune that drum correctly, you will be blown away. I have never heard these drums sound like this before! All the drummers that came to my studio, as much as I respect your playing skills, plainly, the Tune Bot has shown me that tuning a drum is a whole different skill set. I love this thing. Finally I can put the drum tuning on the back burner and get my cymbals sorted!

Tune Bot

Don't think my set has ever been tuned this well!!
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