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COOL TOOL: Moog Ladder

Given that the Moog Ladder filter for 500 series format racks comes from Moog Music, you might be inclined to think that it is only to be used for processing synthesizers. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! The Ladder certainly makes an awesome filter for synth sounds, but it can also be applied to drums, guitars, basses, vocals — any audio signal can benefit from not just the Ladder’s ultra-smooth high- and lowpass filters, but also from the resonance control (add sub-bass to drums, beef up a bass, and make your guitars massive) — you’ll be amazed at all it can do!

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  • Moog The Ladder
    Moog The Ladder 500 Series Ladder Filter with Low Pass and High Pass Functions, Variable Attack and Release Controls, and Adjustable Resonance There's nothing like the sound of a Moog ladder filter! The Ladder gives you the world-famous sound of Bob Moog's original...
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