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Cool Tool: MicW i436

Looking for a cool omnidirectional mic that will connect directly to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch? Then check out the MicW i436! Designed as a flat-response measurement mic, i436 is especially cool when paired with DSP Mobile’s Analyzer app, which offers an optional optimized frequency response calibration specifically for this microphone.

When you’re done measuring the acoustics in your room, the i436 also makes a great omni mic for recording into your favorite app!

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  • MicW i436 Omni Measurement Mic
    MicW i436 Omni Measurement Mic Audio Analysis System for iPad or iPhone with Omnidirectional Measurement Microphone, Windscreen, Cable, Splitter, and Storage Tube Analyze your sound accurately! The MicW i436 Class 2 measurement microphone lets you turn your iPad or iPhone into a precise SPL...
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