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From the “Why didn’t I think of that?” file: ProCo Siamese Twin cables. You’re going to want these cool tools for your studio or live rig. The idea is to combine XLR or TRS cables with IEC power cables into one cable. They’re perfect for powered studio monitors or live for powered PA speakers; there’s even a dual XLR cable version with power for biamplified powered speakers.

If you’re like us, you immediately wondered about noise problems from the AC running that close to the audio signal. But ProCo engineered these with specially shielded, high-current AC power lines and double-shielded audio lines in a durably jacketed, composite cable assembly. You should experience no hum or buzz problems below 100Hz due to these cables.

Various lengths and configurations are available:

There’s a 36″ tail for the AC input and an 18″ tail for the audio connector on the mixer/audio interface/snake end and a 12″ fan-out for each on the speaker end.

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