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Avid Boom Trick #2

Here’s another “hidden” feature in Avid’s Boom virtual drum machine:

You can change the sound that is assigned to a channel strip by clicking the drop-down “Sample Selector” menu. But you can only access one type of sound for each strip — there’s a KICK strip, with only kick drums in the Sample Selector, there’s a SNARE strip with only snare drums, and so on. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to assign any sound to any strip, or even the same sound to all of the strips?

Here’s the trick: Above the Matrix Display, there’s a large BOOM logo, with three sort of “bars” on each side. Click the far right bar. The word BOOM will show up on the Matrix Display. Now, when you pull down the Sample Selector menu, you’ll be able to access your choice of all of Boom’s sounds on all 10 channel strips. Create a super snare with separate articulations and tones. Create a huge rack of toms, an array of cymbals, whatever you like!

To return to normal operation, just click the bar on the far right of the BOOM logo again.

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