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Automatically mapping samples in Emu Ultra samplers

Today’s tip comes from our friend Larry at Emu/Ensoniq.

Sampling is an art form, but Emu Ultra Samplers make it accessible to all. Today let’s take a look at setting up our sampling page so that each sample we take automatically gets assigned a mapping to a preset of our choice.

Let’s sample a Loop, with a plan to sample multiple loops into one preset.

  1. Connect an Audio CD player – the CD Player OUTS to Sample INS on the back of the Ultra.
  2. Put an Audio CD into the CD Player, perhaps “Phatt Beats” or some other loop CD.
  3. Create a new preset – “Preset Manage”, “New”, “Location”, “Name”
  4. Press “New Sample”
  5. “Source” (sample rate, select 44.
  6. – “Length” (in seconds, select 20 seconds)
  7. Audition your source material (press play on your CD player), adjust the source volume or input attenuation if necessary so the bars don’t peg the end of the graph.
  8. Stop your CD player.
  9. Begin sampling By Pressing “Force”
  10. Play your sound or loop to be sampled.
  11. Stop the sampling when you have enough material or when you run out of time it will stop. If you need more than 20 seconds, simply press discard and change sample length and do it again!
  12. The next menu has the cool “auto” functions….

  13. Truncate” Do you want the Ultra to automatically Truncate the beginning, end, both or not? Select “Both”.
  14. Normalize” – Do you want the Ultra to leave the audio alone, or boost it as loud as possible, Relative to the stereo sound or Absolute (both sides equal in volume)? Select “Relative”.
  15. “Auto Loop” – You can do this, but why when we have Beat Munging (see TTOTD 7/21/99)? Select “Off”.
  16. “Range” – Select “White key per voice”
  17. “Orig” – Select C1 (you can play the note on the keyboard)
  18. “High Note”, Select C1
  19. “Low Note”, Select C1
  20. “Target” – Select the preset you just created
  21. Press “Place”

The Ultra will place that sample in your new preset on C1 with a range of C1 – C1 and will return to the new sample page, ready to take another and place it in the same preset on D1, with a range of D1 – D1. Etc.

As I said, sampling is an art as well as a technique, but with an Ultra you have the most powerful tools available to help you along.

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