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Articles by John Bamber

Roland Juno-D Review

The Juno-D ROCKS, plain and simple. When I brought it home, I connected a pair of headphones and started playing. Next thing I knew hours had gone by and I was feeling extremely inspired by how easy this board was... Read more »

DigiTech GNX4 Review

The Digitech GNX4 is an awesome guitar workstation with tons of useful features every guitarist could ever dream of. Not only is it a truly lifelike sounding amp/effects modeler, it's also a 6 channel audio... Read more »

Manley SLAM! Review

The Manley SLAM! is an absolute must-have for any professional studio or mastering house. It exemplifies versatility in design, and limitless in possibilities. I had it connected to my Digi002 and, using Pro Tools... Read more »