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Manley SLAM! Review


The Manley SLAM! is an absolute must-have for any professional studio or mastering house. It exemplifies versatility in design, and limitless in possibilities. I had it connected to my Digi002 and, using Pro Tools, was able to run different sources through it and I really was fascinated by its sound. The mic pre’s were stunningly clear and had a warmth like an evening campfire. I recorded acoustic guitars and vocals, both of which came out very clear and warm. When I used a combination of the limiters on a female vocal, it sat in a mix like no vocal I’ve ever processed; it was like sonic velvet. On a stereo mix the limiting was smooth, but after turning up the input to drive the tubes it put some grit on the mix that was certainly nice for that particular style of music. All in all, the SLAM is a terrific item that could easily find it’s way into your studio and broaden your aural horizons for years to come.

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