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Applying the Reverse Boomerang Effect to Audio in Peak Pro 6

The Reverse Boomerang feature has been available in BIAS Peak from its earliest incarnations. What it does is remixes a reversed copy of the selected audio with the original. This can create a wide variety of wild (but musically useful) sounds, though it’s best to confine its use to a small selection from within the entire audio document. It works equally well on drums, vocals, and guitar. The results can be quite startling!

To apply the effect, select the audio you would like to process, choose Reverse Boomerang from the drop-down DSP menu. In the dialog box that appears, select the amount of reversed sound you wish to mix back into the original. Usually small amounts work best unless you are going for a totally over-the-top effect. Click “OK” and Peak processes the audio. To audition, press the spacebar to initiate playback. Peak Pro 6 allows you to undo the effect and apply different settings until you find the one that pleases you the most!

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