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Analog Drum Sounds Make a Comeback!

Here’s a great way to add an exciting new set of electronic percussion sounds to your rig! The Nord Drum takes you back nearly 30 years to Nord’s origin as a digital drum company. This retro-style virtual analog drum synthesizer lets you create your own drum sounds and play them using standard drum pads. But unlike most contemporary electronic drum controllers, which use samples as the basis for their sounds, the Nord Drum uses analog-style subtractive synthesis, allowing you to create wholly original percussion tones.

Each of the Nord Drum’s four drum channels lets you mix a fundamental tone, a click sound, and a noise generator, all of which you can shape via a full set of analog-style controls. It’s the perfect drum sound module for the synth nut in you! Add a trigger and a Nord Drum to your acoustic kit, or expand your traditional electronic kit with fun analog-style tones. You can even build an excellent all-electronic kit with just the Nord Drum and a few pads. And since the Nord Drum also features MIDI I/O, you don’t have to be a drummer to explore the creative possibilities this unique instrument has to offer.

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