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Amp of the Day


Small but incredibly mighty! Today’s Amp of the Day is the amazing new Orange Micro Terror. We’re talking tiny — just 5.3″ by 6.5″ by 3.6″ (H x W x D) and well under two pounds in weight! But don’t let the compact size and light weight fool you. By combining a 12ax7-based preamp with a digital power amp section, the Micro Terror is able to put out a pummeling 20 watts of screaming power.

The Micro Terror includes controls for gain, tone, and volume, plus there is an 1/8″ input for your iPod or other music player. The amp is road rugged, plus it comes with a padded gig bag for travel and storage.

You can run the Micro Terror through any speaker cabinet, or use it with headphones. If you want a similarly sized cab with massively sized sound, then check out the matching PPC108 1×8 cabinet. It’s an incredible combination!

The Micro Terror may be the perfect amp for practice, rehearsals, and smaller gigs — it’s certainly the ideal amp head where maximum portability is a concern!

The best news of all: June 1, 2012, through August 31, 2012, use your Sweetwater Musician’s All Access Platinum Card and you’ll pay no interest for 18 months!

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