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Amp Aiming

If your guitar cab is miked up onstage, be careful not to put the FOH soundperson directly in its line of fire — especially if you’re using a closed-back cabinet. If your stage volume pushes anywhere near earplug territory, pointing the amp at the soundperson will cause him/her to hear it over the other instruments and compensate accordingly – by turning it down in the house system. Thus, what reaches the crowd through the mains might just end up being guitar-deficient. There are some options:

  • Turn down. (Yes, we said it. Do as we say, not as we do…)
  • Point the amp in toward you from side of the stage.
  • Put it in front of you and aim it back toward you.
  • Angle the amp up toward your ears, so the beam of sound from it goes over the soundperson’s head.
  • If you have the luxury of a monitor mix, take advantage of it – run your amp through the monitors and keep your stage volume lower.

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