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All-new Gibsons!

Gibson guitars has been making historic, standard-setting guitars for many decades. But the company is anything but stuck in the past! They’ve also been constant innovators, unafraid to unleash groundbreaking instruments on an unsuspecting world — and now they’ve reinvented themselves again with a completely new lineup of guitars for 2013! Firmly rooted in the traditions of the past but with modern touches and fresh innovations, the Gibson 2013 catalog has something for everyone, at a broad range of price points.

So what’s up? A bevy of new Les Pauls, ranging from the highly affordable (but still made in the USA at Gibson’s Nashville factory) LPJ to ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s Tributes; Studios to Standards; Signatures to Supreme; Strandard Premium to Traditional — many featuring the amazing new Min-ETune automatic tuning system. There are also SGs, Firebirds, Vs, and there will be some cool surprises coming soon as well.

But Gibson didn’t stop there, there are also new basses, including the brand-new EB Bass, the Midtown Bass, Non-Reverse T-bird, and fresh takes on the Thunderbird, Les Paul, and SG basses.

All in all, it’s stacking up to be the year of Gibson in 2013! Check out all these great new guitars and basses, you’re sure to find exactly the instrument you’ve been looking for!

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