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AKG C 1000 S Review

Back in 2003, I was looking for a microphone to use for recording classical nylon string guitar in my home project studio. I had already tried a few mics with less than stellar results, so I asked a trusted friend who happened to be a recording engineer what mic he thought would work best in the $200 range. He told me I’d be much happier if I saved up a little more cash to get an AKG C 1000 S. Boy, was he right! After getting awesome results on classical guitar, the C 1000 S quickly became my go-to microphone for recording virtually any acoustic instrument.

Over the years, I’ve used it on tons of recordings and gotten a good sound on a multitude of sources including everything from upright bass to xylophone to vocals. Besides being a studio workhorse, the AKG C1000 S also works great for live use. I’ve found that by using the included polar pattern converter you can really focus the mic on a single sound source, which helps prevent feedback issues as well as bleed from the other instruments on stage. Bottom line, the AKG C 1000 S is one of the best musical equipment purchases I’ve made, period.

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