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Aftermarket MIDI

Q: I just saw Adrian Belew in concert at Sweetwater and am now very interested in adding a 13-pin MIDI pickup to my guitar. Are there any aftermarket options for pickups?

A: Yes! Roland makes two types of magnetic hex pickup systems, both based around the GK-3 hex pickup. First up is the GK-3 system, which mounts onto a guitar, and does not require any modification to the instrument. This is a great option if you want to try out MIDI guitar, if you may move the system to another guitar, or if you want to remove the system if you resell the instrument.

For permanent installation, check out the GK-Kit, where the electronics mount inside the guitar control cavities.

Note that both of these systems will require an external converter box, such as the Roland GI-20 or GR-20s.

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