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AEA Debuts N22 Ribbon Microphone

AEA has introduced the N22 phantom-powered ribbon microphone. 100% hand crafted in Pasadena, California, the N22 is aimed at singer-songwriters, musicians, and home studios. The mic’s phantom-powered electronics are optimized for use with any microphone preamp, without concern for impedance or gain. Applications for the N22 range from drums to acoustic and electric guitars to vocals; this flexibility results from the mic’s smooth midrange, clarity, and reduced proximity effect. The N22’s Big Ribbon element is also highly protected, making the mic suitable for live sound applications — where a “regular” ribbon mic would not survive.

Rooted in traditional RCA ribbon mic design, yet updated to be a cross between a condenser and ribbon, the N22 is the first in AEA’s NUVO series of microphones, which will offer a fresh take on the evolution of the ribbon mic.

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    AEA N22 Active Ribbon Microphone with 2.35" Ribbon, Figure-8 Polar Pattern, Custom German-made Transformer, and Phantom Power The AEA N22 gives you awesome ribbon mic performance, affordably. With its increased upper-mid presence, this handcrafted, US-made microphone is not only designed to punch...
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