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3-D Guitar

Our friend Shawn Farbman from Mesa-Boogie sent along this tip for creating a 3-dimensional delay sound for guitar:

“In order to achieve that 3-dimensional delay sound, you need to run two delay pedals (identical models, if you please), and set the second delay time to be double that of the first. For example, delay 1 set to 200ms; delay 2 set to 400ms…delay 1 set to 250ms; delay 2 set to 500ms. You get the idea!

“You can cascade the first delay into the second, or split the signal and run the two delays into separate amps for a stereo effect — you have a lot of options.

“One note: for best results, make sure that you run this effect in the amp’s FX loop, not the through the front-panel main input jack.”

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