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Use 16 Compressors at a time on the Boss BR-1600CD

The BR-1600 has eight channel compressors for your Tracks. You can assign these compressors (these are the ones that live under the “COMP” button) to either Tracks 1 – 8 or Tracks 9 – 16. But what if you want compressors for all your drum tracks and your vocals? No problem, just “borrow” the eight compressors that live under the COSM Effects and assign them to tracks. Here’s how:

  1. Press MULTI-TRACK.
  2. Press EFFECTS.
  3. Press the F3 Button (LOCATION). Select TR 1-8.
  4. Press ENTER. This assigns the Compressors and EQs normally dedicated to the Inputs to Tracks 1 through 8.
  5. Press EXIT.
  6. Press COMP in the CHANNEL EDIT section.
  7. Press F3 for Track Select. Set the LOCATION value to Tracks 9-16 by pressing F3 again.
  8. You now have 16 Compressors available for mix down.

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