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1176 Classic Limiter Collection

Many engineers feel that an 1176 compressor/limiter is essential for every studio. You could track down a vintage unit and deal with all of the hassles that go along with maintaining a decades-old piece of electronics. Or, you could go for a new 1176 from Universal Audio — certainly an outstanding option if you’re using outboard analog gear in your studio. But if you’re working in the box, if you’re on a limited budget, if you want to be able to run multiple 1176s at once, or if you want access to the sonic flavors of several different 1176 eras, then you need another solution: The 1176 Classic Limiter Collection for the UAD-2 Power Plug-ins platform.

Universal Audio has always offered what many say is the most authentic software emulation of the hardware 1176 — afterall, the company invented the 1176, who better to model it? But now, 10 years after releasing their original 1176 plug-in, the UA is offering three new virtual 1176 versions in the 1176 Classic Limiter Collection, each representing a different era: the Rev A “Bluestripe” original Bill Putnam design, the Rev E “Blackface” design from the early ’70s, and the 1176AE anniversary edition with “hot rod” mods including a lower compression ratio and super-slow attack mode.

The 1176 Classic Limiter Collection also includes presets from legendary 1176 users and enthusiasts such as Ed Cherney, Andy Johns, Joe Chiccarelli, David Isaac, and many more.

All of which adds up to yet another great reason why a UAD-2 card or Apollo interface (which features built-in UAD-2 processing power) is essential for your rig!

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