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What type of battery does the motherboard for my Creation Station use? Can I replace it?

You can find the exact specification and location of the onboard C-MOS power cell (battery) in the motherboard book that is included with all Sweetwater Creation Station computers.

Typically, since all Sweetwater Creation Stations computers to date have utilized ASUS motherboards, they should use a CR2032 3volt, Lithium power cell which looks like a watch style battery. This battery is considered user replaceable. Be sure to double check the battery type before purchasing a replacement.

To replace the battery on the motherboard do the following:

1. Turn off the computer.
2. Open the case and remove the battery. This may require a flat-head screwdriver or sharp edge to pry the battery out of it’s slot.
3. Replace with a new battery and close up the computer case.
4. Restart the computer.
–Please note —
That removing or replaceing a C-MOS battery causes the computer’s BIOS to be reset. You will need to reset it back to Sweetwater specifications in order for the computer to function as it did before replacing the battery. All Sweetwater BIOS settings can be found by searching for keyword “BIOS” in the Sweetcare knowledgebase.

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