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I think my Euphonix Artist control surface has a hardware fault. Is there a Test mode to see if it is broken?

To put the surface into Test Mode:

MC Mix & MC Control:

– press and hold Bank L, Bank R and Nudge R while you power on the unit.
– this will put the unit into test mode.

MC Transport:

– press and hold Soft-Key buttons #1, 3 & 5 while you power up the surface.

What can you test:

– Faders: move any fader. The adjacent fader should move also, following the moves of the one you are touching.
– Touching the Fader Cap will cause the corresponding ‘ON’ button to turn off.
– Turning knobs will display the value on the display
– Touching the knobs will display ‘Touch’ on the corresponding display
– Pressing the knob-tops will display ‘Switch’ on the corresponding display.
– Jog / Data wheels display values as you turn left or right
– Shuttle Ring (MC Transport only) will display positive (right) or negative (left) values. It will display “SHTL MID” at the null position.
– Leds / Buttons: pressing any button will display its name on the touch screen (MC Control) or on the OLEDs (MC Mix).
– Please note that not all buttons have Leds. The following buttons do not have Leds:
– Nudge, Bank, Power, and Back (MC Mix & MC Control)
– SoftKeys Up/Down and 12 surface SoftKeys (MC Control only)

TFT Calibration Mode (MC Control only):

– Using the above Test mode on the MC Control, touch the TFT screen with your finger. This will begin calibration mode.
– Press and hold directly on the cross-hairs until it moves to a new location. Repeat until complete.

Auto-Test mode: (MC Mix & MC Control only)

– press and hold the Left surface Shift button, Bank L, Bank R and Nudge R while you power on the unit.
– In this mode each fader should glide up and down one fader at a time.

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