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Are there any Firewall setting I should be aware of when setting up my Euphonix Artist Series controller(s)? (Mac OS)

Here are some basic instruction that may help you with your Firewall settings. Only use this if you are having problems running EuCon and feel it is necessary to keep your Firewall On. It is recommended that you disable the internal Mac Firewall in order ensure a more stable EuCon network connection. However these steps will allow EuCon to run with the Firewall turned on.

**This is based on OS 10.5 (Leopard)

1. Use the Go To Folder command (in the Go menu in the finder): CMND+SHFT+G

2. Type in usr/sbin and press enter
– this should open a hidden directory.

3. Go to System Preferences / Security / Firewall Tab
– select the 3rd option (custom settings)

4. Press the + button at the bottom left

5. Drag the following file from the usr/sbin folder into the browser window:
– configd

6. Press ‘add’

7. Repeat step 4 – 6 for the following file:
– mDNSResponder

8. You will also need to add the following applications:
– MC Client (applications / Euphonix)
– EuControl (applications / Euphonix)
– EuConDiscovery (find this inside MC Client contents; Right-Click on MC CLient and select Show Package Contents)

9. If using ProTools or other Mackie Control applications, you will need to add the following also (these are located in: Macintosh HD / Library / Application Support / Euphonix…):
– ExMackieControl

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