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Is there anything that needs done to make the IF-FWDM work with the Tascam DM-3200?

Yes. There is a set of jumpers, J11-J43, that need to be in position 2-3 for the DM3200. Cards may be shipped with the jumpers in position 1-2. (which works with the Tascam DM-24 mixer)

If you didn’t received a v1.10 manual this can be found at www.tascam.com.

Instructions for setting the jumpers can be found on p.4 of the manual.

The DM-3200 will also need to be on v1.20 or higher. Please refer to www.tascam.com to obtain this update. Do not proceed to install the IF-FW/DM untill your DM-3200 is running v1.20 or higher.

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