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How do I sync a Roland MV8000 up to a Roland VS2400 or VS2480?

Either unit can be set up as a master and slave by choosing he settings accordingly. This example will explain how to Set up the 2480 as the master and MV800 as the slave. So the Controls on the 2480 will control the MV800 unit for starting and stopping. THe MV8000 will save it’s setttigs on a project basis.

1. ON the MV8000 go to Song Setup, then got to Sync. Press enter. Change to slave MTC (R-Bus) MIDI for non RBus users

2. ON the VS2480 go to Utility > MIDI parameters MIDI out/thu on OUT. Sysex Tex is on ON. Exit

Then go to Utility > Sync Paramater . Turn on RBus sync generater by turning to to MTC. Exit

make sure the frame rate is set to 30; offset to 0.

Next, a sequence will need to be loaded on the MV8000. Push play on the MV800 and it will blink in a ready status. Once you push play on the VS2480 it will start the MV800 as well.

Tips. Name the sessions the same on both units. The tempo will be controlled and set by the 2480.
You will also need to cable audio out from the MV800 back to a input on the VS2480. (15+16 for example)

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