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Backing up a project on the VS-2400 series (VS-2400, VS-2480)

Making regular project backups is essential in all forms of digital recording. Unlike analog recording which uses tangible media, such as tape to store recorded information; digital recording (whether software, or hardware based) uses a hard drive to hold all the information about your project (not just audio). The benefit of this, is that everytime you call up a project on your VS, everything comes back exactly as you left it. Routing, effects, dynamics, track and input levels all remain from the last time you saved. This gives digital recording a distinct edge over analog (just ask anyone who has tracked on a non-automated system, how much time they have to spend writing down all of their settings).

Further, because we are working with digital information, we are able to copy that information onto tangible digital media, such as CDs. Having such a copy, or “back-up” can later be recovered back onto the VS. It will come in exactly as it was backed up, with all of your parameters and set-up, exactly as you would expect them to.

This means that you can delete songs from your drive to free-up space, or maintain your hard drive (a full format is recommended every 3-6 months). This also means that, if while in the middle of a session, you experience an unexpected problem (like a power-outage which may harm your hard drive), you will not loose everything.

CD-R’s are well suited as a media for B/U because information burned onto them is permanent (the use of CD-RW’s is not recommended for Back-Ups). Hard drives are only intended to temporarily house info, not permanently archive it. Left unattended, information on a hard drive will begin to degrade within 5-10 years. Information on a CD will not.

To make a project back up on the VS-2400 / 2480:

1.) Navigate to your PROJECT LIST.

2.) Use the TIME/VALUE Wheel to scroll through the list of projects. Use F6 to MARK the project or projects that you wish to back up.

3.) Push the PAGE button until you are at page 3. You should see BACKUP above F1. Press it.

4.) The resulting screen that comes up will have a window on the left with the list of projects you marked. The right side has info relevant to your CD-Write functions.
2 Parameters exist here. VERIFY and CD-RW SPEED.

Verify means that the machine will read the backup after it writes to ensure that the material was successfully written, it can be on or off, it is merely a matter of personal preference.

Set CD-RW SPEED to MAX. Sometimes hard drive fragmentaion can cause problems when trying to back up. If you have issues successfully backing up your project, try turning down the CD-RW SPEED, this makes it easier for the VS to gather the information off the hard drive.

5.) Press OK (F5)

6.) You will be asked whether or not you want to STORE CURRENT. If you have unsaved changes, press YES, otherwise press NO. Your Back-up should begin writing.

Please be aware that if you have selected to back up more info than will fit on one disc, you will be asked to insert disc 2, 3, etc. until the machine has marked multiple CDs with sufficient space for the Backup process. Once it has seen enough disk space, you will be asked to insert Disc 1 again, and from there the backup will begin. It is crucial that the discs are placed back in the machine in the order that they were formatted. All of the discs in such a multi-disc backup must be successfully written for the process to have worked. In other words, if Disc 3 of a 4 disc backup fails, then all four discs are unusable. For that reason it is preferable to avoid a multi-disc backup when possible.

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