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How do I use Choirs and WordBuilder with Finale 2006 on a PC?

1. Download and install MIDI Yoke: http://www.midiox.com/
2. Open Finale and make yourself a nice choral template
3. Go to MIDI->MIDI setup
4. Click on Show Advanced in the lower left
5. For the output drop down menu next to 17 (just below the cancel button), choose MIDI Yoke 1, and click OK
6. Go to Window->instrument list
7. Choose your Tenor’s Choir Staff, set the channel to 17
8. Open WordBuilder
9. Choose Tenors
10. For MIDI in, choose MIDI Yoke 1
11. For MIDI out, choose MIDI Yoke 2
12. Click OK, type some words
13. Open Symphonic Choirs Kompakt
14. Go to file->Audio/MIDI Setup
15. For MIDI in, turn on only MIDI Yoke 2. Leave all other ports off.
16. Leave all MIDI out ports off.
17. Load a Tenors Choir Multi

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