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How do I set up my FaderPort in Digital Performer?

Be sure to download the latest Faderport software and drivers from

1. Install the FaderPort hardware by plugging the USB cable into an available USB port
2.Unzip and Copy the FaderPort.bundle to MacHD/Library/Audio/Plug-ins/MOTU Control Surface
3. Open Digital Performer
4. Go to Setup>Open Audio MIDI Setup…
5. Click on the MIDI tab
6. You will see the FaderPort
7. Click on the blue + sign in the upper section of the window to Add Device
8. Drag the in / out virtual patch cords to hook FaderPort up to the new external device just added
9. Close the Audio MIDI Setup window
10. In Digital Performer Go to Setup>Control Surface Setup…
11. Click the gray + sign
12. For Driver select Presonus FaderPort
13. For Unit select Main Unit
14. For MIDI select new external device> new external device – 1
15. Click the gray + sign just to the right of the MIDI dropdown you just selected from
16. For Unit select Native Mode
17. For MIDI select new external device> new external device – 2
18. Click OK to close the window
19. Enjoy!!