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Microphone Month 4


Selecting Individual Effect Presets

Now let’s make your own custom preset consisting of different effects on different audio inputs.
Say, for example we wanted to play acoustic guitar and have some chorus on the guitar sound, and
sing with a little a bit of compression on our vocal.

1. First, press the “PLAY” button. Now, since we want to start from scratch, first turn the bottom
knob counter-clockwise until you see “Tag: (none)” and “(None)” as the preset name and then
press the bottom encoder button to clear out all the previous settings.

2. Next, we press the PLAY button and then select AUD1 channel. The default input assignment is
Input A, so this is where we will plug in our guitar and assign the chorus effect. When we clear out
the system by loading an empty preset, the AUD1 channel is set to off, so it appears like this:

NOTE: The MuseBox defaults are for AUD1 to be assigned to INPUT A, and AUD2 to be assigned
to INPUT B. These assignments can be changed by pressing either the AUD 1 or AUD 2 button,
and then pressing the SETUP button, which allows you to change the assignments to any of the
available inputs.

NOTE: Please be aware that because MuseBox is only a two-channel device, so you can only use
the front inputs or the rear inputs at the same time. You cannot simultaneously process both the
front panel and the rear panel inputs. However, you can bring in a signal on the rear panel inputs
and have them mixed passively with the front panel inputs, which is great if you have an MP3
player or drum machine that you want to mix in with what you are processing with the front panel

3. Turn the gain control to minimum on Input A and plug in your guitar. Turn the bottom encoder to
select “TAG FX Spectral” and then turn the top knob to select the preset “Ac. GtrPhase1” Press the
encoder button to load the patch. Of course if there is a different chorus you’d like to use on the
guitar, feel free to select it now.

4. Bring up the gain on Input A, and verify that the green and yellow level indicators light on a
regular basis, but the Red indicator never illuminates
5. Now it’s time to plug in the Microphone into Input B, and select an appropriate compression
effect on that input. Turn the gain control to minimum, plug in the microphone, and if it is a
condenser microphone that requires 48V phantom power, press the switch to apply phantom power.

6. Now we want to select an appropriate preset for use with the microphone signal. Press the AUD2
button, and you will see that the input is turned off:

7. Now turn the bottom knob to select the “TAG: FX Vocal”, and select the preset “Smooth Lead Vox.”

8. Now press the PLAY button to hear both effects simultaneously. Pretty cool, yes?

9. Now bring up the gain on Input B, and adjust the input levels so that the green and yellow
indicators are lit on a regular basis, but not the red one.

10. Press the PLAY button and you will now hear BOTH the guitar and the vocal at the same time.
If you want to SAVE this combination of effects and input assignments, simply press and hold
the EDIT button, and you can save this preset to the USER bank by simply pressing the encoder

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