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MuseBox Network Settings

To change the Network Settings from the Front panel:

Press the Setup button
Turn the top Control Knob clockwise until you see Network Mode
Use the bottom Control Knob to to change the setting and press the knob in to save the change

To change Network Settings from GUI:

Click the Setup button near the top left of the screen
Select Netwok Settings
In here you can change from Automatic or Crossover

There are two network settings in MuseBox: Automatic or Crossover.

The Network Settings window allows you to determine what mode the networking will be
configured. In Automatic mode, it is assumed that your MuseBox is connected to a computer
network that has a device like a cable or DSL modem on it for
connection to the internet. This mode would allow you to use the
Muse Tools software to view the GUI, or update the software on your

In Crossover mode, the assumption is that the MuseBox will be
connected directly to another computer using a single “crossover”
cable, and NOT connected to a network device like a router or switch.
In this mode, the assumption is that you will be using the computer
primarily to view the GUI using the MuseBox Tools program.

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