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How do I search for Information on a Pro Tools DAE Error? Is there a DAE error list of all DAE errors?

-About DAE Errors-

Pro Tools provides an error reporting system that opens a window when an error is encountered. In many cases, the error message includes a message that “DAE Error -XXXX was encountered”. In addition to the information included in the error message, you can use the Sweetwater & Digidesign support section to search for more information and possible solutions.

There is not a single list containing all DAE errors. Instead, all known information on DAE errors is entered in the Digidesign online database. Information on DAE errors may be found in individual or multiple Answerbase articles (both Sweetwater.com and Digidesign.com), as well as the download and compatibility articles in the Digidesign support section.

To search for information on a specific DAE error:

1. Enter the error code or the entire error message in the Sweetwater Sweetcare anserbase window.
2. Go to the Digidesign Support section:

3. In the “Support Search” window at the top left of the page, enter just the error code number. Do not enter the minus sign or anything else, just the number.*

For the most complete results, leave the drop down category list at the default “All Categories”.

4. Click the Search button. That will bring up all available support information regarding that DAE error.

Please note that in some instances information on an error number may not yet be documented, and in such cases no search results will be found for that error number.

If you encounter an error message in Pro Tools that does not contain a DAE error number, you can search for more information by entering part of a phrase in the error message, or one or more of the words.

*In the Digidesign website search engine, entering a word, number or phrase with a minus sign (such as DAE error -XXXX) will omit an item from the search, so you would not get the desired search results.

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